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Welcome to the world famous Liquid Foundation Surf. Here at LF, we believe surfing is a way of life. Located on Mission Boulevard in Mission Beach, we are located at the heart of surfing in San Diego. We pride ourselves in being a truly core surf brand in San Diego. We have designed and manufactured our own LF brand of clothes, gear and accessories.

Liquid Foundation is not just about selling surf related products. We are committed to promoting the San Diego surfer’s lifestyle. The best way to experience that is through our team of professional surfers. We have 16 LF team riders that ride for our shop and promote our brand and lifestyle. We have grom riders around age 10 all the way to veterans of the waves in their 40’s. Even though we all rip on the waves, the best way we can describe our team as a whole, is that we love to surf. And that is what surfing should be all about.

The staff at LF is not a team of elitist showoffs. Every employee is a surfer who understands the trends, likes, fashions and camaraderie of surfers everywhere.  Whether you are new to surfing or have been surfing your whole life, we are there to answer all of your questions. It is our goal to help everyone have a wonderful experience while surfing. If you’re not having fun and making great memories, then what’s the point. And for those who don’t surf, we are happy to extend the surfing spirit and lifestyle you as well. All of our clothing and accessories are tested and approved by the locals in Mission Beach, our team riders and the various employees of our company. Many of these people have been the inspiration behind the designs of our clothing, which ensures that you are getting a truly southern California inspired product.

While you join us here on our website our goal is to give you a unique, immersive and fun experience. We hope that you enjoy all that we have to offer. Please join us on our social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to follow up on our latest news and the newest content from our surf team. Also, please feel free to leave and comments or questions here. We are happy to take all of your thoughts to heart in an effort to improve ourselves and to improve the experience for our other future visitors.

Thank you for visiting us our website. We hope to see you in the store or out in the water.

Matt Gardner
The Big Cheese at Liquid Foundation

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