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Gabriela Elizondo

Hometown: Santa Catalina, Panamá
Sponsors: Liquid Foundation
Hobbies?Reading, doing yoga, running and anything surfing.
Favorite wave: The Point, Santa Catalina
Best Contest Results:

  • 2013 2nd place in girls under 15;DST Venao
  • 2014 4rd place in open women’s; Santa Catalina National
  • 2015 2d place in girls under 16; DST Bocas del Toro.

Favorite surfers? John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Coco Ho, Carissa More and Clay Marzo.
Favorite Local surfers? my dad Javier Elizondo, brother Isauro Elizondo, Johnny Alfonzo and Natay Alvarez.
Favorite food? Sushi, smoke fish with rice and beans.
Favorite Restaurant?No worries restaurant, Santa Catalina
Favorite maneuver? cut backs, slash, bottom turn.
Why do I surf? Three years ago I went to see an ISA world’s Junior and saw how people witnessed really good surfing from surfers my own age. For a second I imagined myself surfing. After that I went back home and decided to start surfing. Now I can say I surf because I feel free and happy in the water and it simultaneously amuses me !!!
Goals in surfing? To surf at a competitive level while representing my country and my sponsors.


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