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Javier Elizondo

Nickname: Javi
Hometown: Playa Sta. Catalina, Panama
Local break: La Punta
Sponsors: Liquid Foundation, Full Drop
Favorite wave: The one surfing that day
Surfboards: 5’6 BOA squash tail, 5’8 T. Patterson Thumbtail, 6’3 BOA Round-pin
Favorite place to travel: Costa Rica and California
Favorite surfers: Tom Curren, Isauro ‘Izzy’ Elizondo, Kelly Slater, Taj, JJF, Alejandro ‘Cholito’ Alfonso
Favorite Local surfers: ‘Izzy’ Elizondo, Cholito, Rolito, Piru
Favorite food: Mexican, Sushi, what the wife cooks!
Favorite maneuver: Frontside slash-stall to barrel
Why do I surf: Keeps me in the moment.. leads to a better overall understanding of life!
Goals in surfing: To keep it simple.. to be able to surf with my children for many years to come!


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