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Juan Fischer

Nickname: juan juan
Hometown: Bocas Del Toro-Panamá
Home break: Paunch
Hobbis: Surfing, skating, filmmaking and fixing the boards I broke!
Favorite Wave: When its head high: bluff, when its bombing paunch (both in Bocas Del Toro
5,11 jcs squash

Favorite Surfers: Taj Burrow, Kelly Slater John John and Jordy Smith
Favorite Local surfers: The crew! (my best friends Josh Owen Jochi and Abdul)
Favorite Food: Whatever is in my backpack after a long session.
Favorite Restaurant: My mom’s food
Favorite maneuver: Big backside closeout barrels, backside hacks and front side off the lips
Why Do I Surf: Because surfing is something that no one can beat, surfing cannot be mastered. My life would not be the same without it.
Goals In Surfing: Go deeper bigger and faster, surf for as long as I can, travel the world to surf.
Languages: Spanish, English, German
Background check: I was born in Uruguay, and after four months moved to Guatemala (where our boat was at the time). We lived there for 5 years and then sailed along the coast to Panama. This took us about a year. For the past eight years we have been living in Panama. I started surfing when I was eleven and it instantly turned into my life. I started competing in regional contests about a year ago and do all of the Panamanian circuits, Recently I have started competing in Costa Rica.
Favorite contest wins:

  • 1st sub 18 dst
  • 4th sub 18 nationals
  • semifinal finish in Costa Rican nationals


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